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These days publishers are standing at a turning point: the recently introduced new technologies have caused important changes in people's way of reading and, consequently, in publishing industry. Today publishers have to follow mobile trends and it is no longer enough to have a pdf version of the book or magazine. One of the best solutions for digital publishing industry is mobile apps. Applications can provide publishers with an effective way 1) to satisfy the needs of the end readers and 2) distribute the digital edition to a wider audience. Besides, mobile apps help publishers to reach smartphone and tablets users. So, why is it so important for publishers to focus their attention on mobile users? Here are some stats data for consideration. Fact #1. Usually a typical hardcover book costs approximately $25, printing and binding costs $3, plus warehousing costs an... (more)

Cognizant Computing: Can Smartphones Be Even Smarter?

PC invention has made people's lives digital. New mobile technologies have turned them "smart". "Mobile phones have turned into smartphones thanks to two things: technology and apps," said Ms. Milanesi from Gartner. "Technology has added features such as cameras, locations and sensors, while apps have connected those to an array of functions that, for the most part, add and improve our day to day life from a social, knowledge, entertainment and productivity point of view." As Ericsson predicts there will be approximately 5.6 billion smartphone users in the world by 2019. It mean... (more)

Do Mobile Ads Work Now?

Analysts from Dartmouth College published a study about the fact that users of the mobile Internet and mobile applications in general, do not specifically click on pop-up banner ads there. They revealed 7 main reasons why it is so. 200 Americans took part in the survey, the average age of mobile content consumers is 30 years, the average income - 52,500 thousand dollars a year, and 37 % of them have a university education. 1) The screen is too small. 72 % of the respondents chose this reason. And marketers working in mobile marketing sphere have nothing to do about it. It shoul... (more)

How to Increase Mobile App Popularity

There are millions of apps in the Apple, Google and Windows apps stores, but why do some of them gain great populatity while the others are lost in the crowd and never found and loaded? The question is simple: people don't know about your application and can't find find it. So, what can be done in such situation? Here are some tips how to increase your mobile app popularity. Free Version of the App Free version very effectively raises the sales fee. For the user, this is a great opportunity for users to get acquainted with the application, for the developer - to tell about the be... (more)

5 Personal Qualities that Google Looks for in Employees

In Silicon Valley, there is such a myth that Google hires graduates of Harvard and Stanford even for the most primitive, routine and mediocre job. Why? Just because they can choose. But in reality the grade and diploma, as vice president of Google's HR Laszlo Bock has recently told, are increasingly losing importance to the company: the proportion of workers without higher education in some sections higher than 14%. Bock recently named five qualities that the company values ​​most and looks for in people.   1. General cognitive ability and it's not IQ. It is ability to learn, Boc... (more)